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What is Coding Pirates?

The purpose of Coding Pirates is to promote the productive and creative IT skills of children and young people through club nights.

Coding Pirates is a non-profit organization and as the main nerve of the organization stands a diverse crowd of IT professionals, teachers, programmers, researchers and contractors. They all share a passion of giving children and young people the opportunity to improve and enhance their IT skills and creativity.

Values and visions

Coding Pirates wants to develop children’s technological courage by focusing on technological imagination, ingenuity and creative power. This happens through the dissemination of technological play and learning for children, young people and volunteers across age, gender, culture and abilities.

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Coding Pirates wants commitment and empowerment through a community in a technological world. Coding Pirates wants an approach to technologies through education and reflected thinking in the creative fields of research, education, business, entrepreneurship, culture and society.

How to enroll your child

Play, IT creativity, friendships, inventiveness, robots, and community are all words that help describe what it means to be a code pirate in Coding Pirates. Do you want your child on board? Find your local department and sign up your child for Coding Pirates today.

How to become a volunteer

Do you want to make a difference for children and young people in your local area? Then sign up as a volunteer in Coding Pirates. As a volunteer in Coding Pirates you become a part of one of the strongest network in Denmark in IT, technology and education. You get a good recommendation on your resumeYou gain teaching and development skills in the IT creative field. And you learn about technology and you get to be creative together with children, young people and other volunteers.

It requires that you

  • Want to spend a part of your free time on our club nights (2 hours once a week), events and/or other club activities
  • Have an interest in IT and technology eg. game development, programming, IT education or teaching development
  • Like teaching others the things you are passionate about
  • Have social skills

Our Manifesto

In the Manifesto you can read more about our mission, network, culture and values.

Download flyer

You can use this flyer to promote Coding Pirates in your local area.

Got any questions?

You can always contact us to get more information.