Precautionary measures attending Coding Pirates

Informations for pirates and Parents:

Updated 20/12 2021
On this page we have gathered the recent information regarding covid-19 and how to attend Coding Pirates.

The ministry of Culture encourages everyone not to participate in any indoor communal and social activities like Coding Pirates during the Christimas holidays from th 19th 2021 to the 5th of january 2022, where the primary schools reopens as well. From Coding Pirates Denmark we support this encouragement.

Local guidelines have right of first refusal. This means that it is the location of the local chapter that determines the guidelines. Whether the chapter is located at a school, a company, a library or someplace else, then it is the guidelines, for that  particular place, that are to be followed. When/if special guidelines regarding indoor activities apply we will post them underneath here.

How to attend?

There are currently no specific guidelines from the government regarding indoor activities. Contact the local chapter for informations on what guidelines – if any – apply locally.

We do however expect everyone to take responsible actions. 

If you have participated in a Coding Pirates activity and following that, have been tested positiv for Covid-19, do contact the chapter involved as soon as possible, to avoid further contamiation.

We also expect you to help protect other children and our volunteers by reducing the risk of spreading the virus, regardless of being infected or not.

When you arrive on the location, there are several things and actions to do, to prevent further contamination:

  • Use handsanitizer when you arrive, on the break and before leaving for home.
  • Sanitize the computer or equipment , when you arrive and before leaving for home.
  • Keep 1 meters distance to other people.
  • When going to the bathroom, ask an adult if there are anything special you need to be aware of.
  • Make sure to have fun and enjoy being with friends!

And remember: If you feel ill, stay at home and notify your local Coding Pirates chapter. If you have a postive covid-19 test, we kindly ask you to give notice right away, so the the local Coding Pirates chapter can inform the rest of the participants.

If you are in the particular vunerable healthgroup, you are allowed to participate, but you (or your parents) must notify the volunteers on arrival.

How do we prepare?

As a community we have made sure, that it is safe everyone to attend Coding Pirates activities.

This includes:

  • That Coding Pirates activites are being held at locations, where there are regular and thorough professional cleaning.
  • That we have arranged for handsanitizer, and/or soap and singleuse tissues to be available for everyone attending.
  • That our volunteers are wellinstructed in conducting a safe and secure event.


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Here you will find links that the guidelines on this page is based upon. Most are only in Danish.
Remember that you can always reach out to the Sekretariat if you have any questions. We are staying updated on the current restrictions and guidelines and are ready to guide you through.

Download poster: Good Advice to avoid coronavirus